Big Ass Heart – Day 8.

Kathy Griffin for President.

I’m still not over Glee last night. Jesus, was that a good episode. I’ve probably listened to Kurt singing “Blackbird” thirty times today. So. Perfect.

I’m currently captioning Judge Judy at work. I officially not only hate humanity, but also the American education system.

There’s a guy on my last episode who doesn’t use the possessive case for anything.  I can’t count how many times he says, “I took ’em to my mom house.”

What the hell is a “mom house?” Why do people think that sounds okay? It makes my head numb.

I had the most random lunch today.

Two oranges, some of those pretzel+club cracker hybrid deals, yogurt, half a Health Choice steamer thing of the worst spaghetti of my life, and half a container of oatmeal+random stuff I put in it before I went to work. I came home to my favorite pizza. I feel the pizza is completely justifiable when I haven’t eaten any more than, say, 700 calories all day. Right? Right.

I wish I had more to say on el blogo, but I don’t.


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