It’s Klaining Men – Day 10.

Yep. I missed a blog.

But only by, like, a half hour. I don’t think it messes up my streak.

Unfortunately, I’m nearly overdosing on Benadryl and don’t have the energy to make a post, so watch this video. Like I have. about 30 times. Darren Motherfucking Criss. Oh my god.

I wish he would have sung it to Kurt, but, it’s okay. This week made up for everything.

But. Yeah. He’s, like, singing to Dylan Michaelchuk. I miss that guy. I miss all of my friends from Degrassi High. Especially Dylan. And Craig. When in doubt, you most certainly kiss Craig.

Oh my god I can never do drugs harder than Benadryl this is out of control.


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