Plus-Size Fashion Rant – Day 11.

Can I say that I absolutely hate shopping? I do. Especially at the mall.

I will never understand why, when there is such a big demand for cute plus-size clothing, there is no supply. Isn’t that how capitalism works? Find a market and exploit it? When over half of the country is obese, why are there no fat clothes?

Once upon a time, my local Forever 21 carried their plus line. It was put in the very back of the store, behind the registers and only had about four racks of clothes. They’re all gone now. Skinny people hate shopping with fat people. It’s a fact. It makes them uncomfortable to have to share their space with the likes of me. I’ve seen it since I was a teenager. The whole thing is disgusting.

Once upon another time, Old Navy had a good selection of plus size clothing. Not any more! A few years ago, they pulled them and stuck them solely online. They tried to say it was because they wanted to “showcase” the line better. Fuck you, Gap, Inc. I wear three different sizes at this store. How the hell am I supposed to figure out what size to buy?  Might as well just come out and say it: You don’t want fat people in your stores. There is no other reason for this nonsense.

So, what’s a girl to do?

We used to have at least a Torrid and Lane Bryant in every mall here. That means that said girl would drag her skinny friends in these stores with her while she browsed and they stood around awkwardly. (If she was even unashamed enough to bring them in there.) Now we’re pretty hard pressed for a LB anywhere, let alone there being a Torrid. For some reason, they decided to close BOTH Pittsburgh stores.

I also don’t understand why our clothes need to be at least twice as much as “normal” sizes. Do an extra couple of inches really cost that much more to make? Honestly.

I don’t understand this. I really don’t. There is such a huge market – pun intended – yet no one wants to step up and make us some nice, affordable clothes. I wish I had some sort of designer sense and could make my own clothes/an affordable, fashionable plus-size line.

Maybe this will be my next “I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS” endeavor. Move over, ukulele.

Joy Nash made an excellent video that touches on this. I want to be her bff.


6 thoughts on “Plus-Size Fashion Rant – Day 11.

  1. when i was at target last year, they had the same exact skirt in regular sizes and in plus size… the XXL in regular was 20$… the 1 in the plus size (WHICH WAS SMALLER THAN THE XXL) was $25. I held the waist bands up next to each other and I’m not kidding or trying to make a point here, the waist band in the plus size skirt was smaller. They just make plus size clothing over priced because they know the fatties will buy it… obviously 😦

  2. I think most skinny people want more plus sized clothing, so long as the small sizes remain in stores as well, or just dont care, at the very least. i definitely agree that there should be more bigger sizes in stores, at affordable prices. but i think the whole hard to figure out what size thing is for all sizes, no stores are consistent in their sizing, so that its pretty impossible to figure out if something will fit, esp when you order online. i just guess. but its def not us skinny ppl not wanting the clothes there. im not sure who it is, it seems like the stores would want more profit from tapping into a underutilized market. really weird.

  3. I definitely have asked myself this before:

    “I also don’t understand why our clothes need to be at least twice as much as “normal” sizes. Do an extra couple of inches really cost that much more to make? Honestly.”

    It’s just greedy companies taking advantage of us. At least there are some good online stores to shop at.

  4. I like shopping with my skinny friends and my fat friends too. When we’re in a store that I can’t find anything at, I just help them pick out clothes. And then they do the same for me in my favorite stores. We have a great time!

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