Giving fat people a bad name.

Day 16.

I had to caption Moany McWorkoutPants again at work. This particular exercise had her saying, “oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, UH-HUH, GIVE IT TO ME ONE MORE TIME  DO IT HARD!!!!! mmm…”

I kid you not.

I was also made aware of these two cousins who are currently giving us fantastic fat people a bad name.

It happened a few years ago. These two hicks started hitting up a Chinese buffet that had lobster tail, crab legs, frog legs, and other things you don’t normally see in these establishments. They ate plates and plates and plates worth of food on a regular basis for 8 months before the owner told them they were going to be charged double if they ate any more.

Of course, they’re going to sue.

And make fun of the woman’s race in interviews. The particular one I saw (that I cannot show or give specifics about since it didn’t air yet) had the bigger of the two acting like the owner, who speaks English as a second language, saying “Oh, you sooooo fat! You fat american! You look like you have baby in stomach!”

He also demanded she give an apology ~in public~ in her “broken English.~

(Funny, I also found pictures of his family picketing the restaurant with signs that have worse grammar and spelling than those found at Tea Party rallies)

When asked what he plans to do now, he scoffs, “I was discriminated! I am gettin’ me an attorney!”

You can see the interviewer’s eyes rolling. In his mind, at least.

I’m not sure how far this lawsuit is going to go considering they didn’t actually charge them double — they took it back when the guys caused such a big scene that the police needed to be called.

Like Joel Osteen and Beth Moore make me ashamed to be labeled a Christian, these people make me ashamed to be grouped in as a fellow fatty.
End rant.

I just did Bob Harper’s Inside Out Strength dvd — the short side. I had two minutes left and I nearly threw up. I blame it on the fact that I watched American Idol before I worked out.

Tonight’s Motown night on Idol. It makes me want to do Richard Simmons moves. Especially “Dancing in the Street.” I think that might be the next thing on my agenda for the night. Or I may dig out my crocheting projects and whip up something fancy. We shall see.

Mercedes is my girrrrl.

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