Longest hour of my life.

As we know, today is the last day of my one month of no fast food (even though, technically, 30 days was over yesterday.)
I came home around 11 with dinner for my sister and myself. She ate hers. Mine is still waiting for another 32 minutes.


No, I’m not going crazy and eating a bucket of KFC with a Big Mac chaser. I don’t even like Big Macs. I can’t even really be friends with people who eat Big Macs. At least not if they eat them in my presence. Who voluntarily eats that sauce? Seriously. Disgusting.


I got a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal with apples and a Diet Coke, for the record. I also got the boys’ toy, just like I have since I was a kid. Take that, gender stereotypes.

I suppose I’m going to continue crocheting and watching Jersey Shore and whatever else that’ll take my mind off of it. I haven’t had actually food since lunch. I’m starving. Yes, I know. Bad idea. I have no option on Tuesdays without going the fast-food route. It’s sad. 😦



4 thoughts on “Longest hour of my life.

  1. Burger King has a decent veggie burger for your Tuesday dilemma. Although basic fast food once a week isn’t too bad anyway.

    ARBY’S CURLY FRIES AHH. (I want some now.)


    1. I meant Thursdays. I just noticed that. I’ve thought it was the wrong day every day this week. Balls.

      I’ve tried BK’s veggie burger and thought it was awful. I think all of their food is awful, though.

      And I loooove Arby’s curly fries.

  2. OH man! You are WAY stronger than me! If I focused on the “finish line”, I would be totally bingeing!

    That said, I hope you enjoy your yumminess! 🙂


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