This is why I’m fat – Part Deux

*Edit* I already had a blog entry called This is is why I’m fat. I suppose this is part duex, then.

I’ve officially lost track of how many days into my 40 days it is. All I know is that it’s over on Good Friday, so I’ll continue to post until then.

This is from that night I made garbage dump cookies -- chocolate chip/oatmeal/sugar/peanut butter cookies. You heard.

My nuggets last night were amazing, by the way. Best cold, hard, chewy, processed chicken pieces I’ve ever had. AND! My toy totally lights up. Win.

I currently have a lemon-almond custard pie in the oven. It went in 25 minutes ago at 10:00. I could have eaten that whole bowl of batter, I swear.

I’m in love with the website This Is Why You’re Fat. I have been for years. The stuff is probably supposed to make you queasy, but it makes me really happy. Lord knows I can put down a couple deep-fried Twinkies. Oh my god.

I don’t eat anything on that page. Not that I know of, at least. I did figure out one of the reasons why I’m fat. I’ve mentioned it before, I’m sure.

I am a pretty kick-ass baker.


I get an idea in my head and very rarely is it a failure (except that one time I made those chocolate chip cookies for bible study and they were THEWORSTEVEROHMYGOD. Sorry, guys. My cupcakes made up for it, right?)

I get whims like this often. I want to open my own bakery but I don’t think I want to do any of the work. I’m quite content with my sit-there-and-look-at-the-computer job, which is strange for me ever since I became extremely introverted my first go-around in college. Lots of cute guys everywhere I turn AND shows from OWN, though, so I can’t complain.

K. I’m taking this pie out of the oven. I have never been so excited.

(That’s totttttttttally a lie. Yes, I pronounce each of those t’s)


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