Cookie fail.

So. I love Black and White cookies.

I found a fantastic looking recipe for them on Tastespotting last night, bought some cake flour and lemons, and made some cookies.




More like Brown and Clear.

They don’t taste too bad, though. I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I followed the recipe perfectly and my batter turned into basically dough — and not cookie dough. Bread dough. And my white icing was wayyyy too thin. I had to keep adding powdered sugar and now it just tastes kinda blah. The chocolate side is baaaaangin’, though.

I went to Sonic tonight. I know. They have Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. It’s worth it.

My local Borders is going out of business. I went today to see what I could scavenge. I got three books and a cuuuuute tote bag for $30. Not bad. Everything’s at least 50% off there. Most things are 80%. People were nuts. It reminded me of the jungle/cafeteria fight on Mean Girls.

It made my stomach nervous the whole time I was in there. That’s been one of my favorite bookstores since I was a kid. I hate knowing it’s not going to be there anymore.

I also went to Half Priced Books and Barnes and Noble afterward. It was a book day. A wonderful, glorious, no-snow day.

I’m about 85% serious about getting a bookworm tattoo. Y’know, a green worm coming out of a red apple, wearing my glasses and reading a book. I don’t know where I’d put it, though. I also have like fifty mewithoutYou tattoos picked out. If only I had money. I should have a fundraiser.

Sorry for the video, Meredith. I must post it, though. My favorite part of warm weather is getting to listen to this song and sing it at the top of my lungs with the windows down in my car.

If I could get every word of this tattooed on my body somewhere, I would. Aaron Weiss is the love of my life. (I also found this acoustic version of just him and a guitar. No one’s gonna care, but here it is, if you’re interested.)

One thought on “Cookie fail.

  1. Your black and white cookies don’t look like a total fail! And hey..the beauty of a bw cookie, at least in my opinion, is that it’s like a cross between a cake and a cookie. I’ll be having on next week when I’m back home in NY..yum…I hope I can be patient until then. =0)

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