The following things are bullshit:

The Tea Party movement

Coffee breath

The inability to paint my nails without looking like I was having multiple seizures.

Hulu not wanting to load any of my shows because I’m more than four feet from my router.

Having a permanent belly-bruise from the buttons on my jeans.

Being itchy all the time.

Not being able to wear make up or use hair products because of that last statement.

My hands killing me after typing at work for eight hours, then coming home and doing the same thing.

The Atkins diet.


Cleaning my french press.

People who are on Extreme Couponing or any daytime Judge shows.

One pack of ramen = 2 servings


Things that are not bullshit:

Hot dogs

My owl mug.

Peach-flavored anything.

Shepherd’s Pie

Rob Bell

My purple kitty-cat old-lady nightgown.

Zack Morris


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