First World Problems

I have them.

1. The remote was broken on my television, so I had to actually choose a show to watch today and stick with it because changing channels on my ~futuristic~ cable box is exceedingly complicated.

2. EVERY show (that I don’t caption) I watch comes on Tuesday nights at 8. (Glee, Biggest Loser, and Food Revolution) How’s a girl supposed to pick one?

3. I’m constantly pissing off pastors on Facebook (unintentionally, this time!) and will probably live the life of a church-hopping nomad until I die.

4.  I need a new filter for my water filtration pitcher, but I don’t want to spend $18 and a 20 minute car ride for 6 months worth of clean water.

5. I spent a good chunk of my day discussing the theological meaning of Lady Gaga’s new song.

I have lots more, but I’m sleepy.

My favorite thing in the world to hear is, “Hey, your mom brought home a ton of brown bananas from work. Make some banana bread.”

My second favorite thing in the world is about two hours later when I have a whole bunch of banana bread sitting on my counter.

Like right now.

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