40 days.

Lent is over.

My 40 days of not fasting for Lent is over.

I’m done blogging every day.

I don’t know what to do with myself now.

The next two days are going to be rough, foodwise. I’m in charge (k, I put myself in charge) of making browned-butter brownies for the (at least) 25th annual egg dying extravaganza that goes on at my house every Easter Eve. Then there’s, yknow, the chocolate. I told my mom to buy me carrots for my basket (kidding, though. I hate carrots.) but she said the damage has been done. Can’t let all that chocolate go to waste, right? And I’m not talking about Hershey’s chocolate. This is local, handcrafted stuff. I never knew people got Hershey’s in their Easter baskets until I was at least a teenager. I feel sorry for all of you who can’t experience Sarris’ chocolate.

This is the first year I’ve been home for Easter in four years. The last four Easters have been spent with a group of other orphans who couldn’t go home from college for the holiday. I will most certainly miss their company this year. I won’t miss carrying my big box of chocolate back to my dorm from the post office only to see that it melted before I got to my room.

I swear my daily walks from my dorm to the post office and bookstore/coffee shop and back are what kept me from (for the most part) gaining a ton of weight while I was there. That and the cafeteria gave me the poops every single day.

The more I watch Food Network, the more I’m convinced I could outcook everyone on here. Except maybe Alton Brown. I would only bow in his presence.

I’d like to say that I will keep posting every single day  now that the 40 days is over, but that would be a lie. Plus, the more I post, the more I see what a hypocrite I am when it comes to getting healthy. Right now, at this exact second, I would rather have a brownie than workout and I’m fine with that.

Aloha, blog.


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