New Challenge – 50 days of working out.

You have no idea how good it felt NOT to post yesterday. Jesus.

I’ve spent my entire day eating and eating and eating and eating and then cooking and then eating and then having coffee. And watching TLC’s Royal Wedding stuff. It’s been fantastic. I even had full-fat Greek yogurt. I got saved. I will never, ever go back to eating the 0% Dannon crap again. This stuff is so worth the 270 calories.

I went a little nuts with the yogurt buying at Market District last night. I also bought this same brand (I can’t remember the name) in coconut, as well as Soy Delicious’ coconut-milk yogurt and Chobani pineapple. I REALLY wanted the pomegranate and lemon Chobani, but no luck.

So, I’m thinking about how silly I’ve been with my 40 days of blogging on a “getting healthy” blog while I no longer put any effort into being healthy. I’ve decided that, starting tomorrow, I’m doing a 50 day work-out challenge. Why 50? I did 30 days with no fast food, followed by 40 days of blogging. I figured 50 is the next step.

Here’s the rules:
1. The workout must be at least 30 minutes long. The only exception being either Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper dvds that are out-of-control workouts that last between 20-26 minutes.

2. The workout must be intentional. Walking around Target for an hour does not constitute a workout.

3. The workout must be logged, either here or on daily mile. Preferably both.

That’s it.

The challenge will officially end on June 14th. If I’ve learned anything from blogging and the no-fast-food thing, it’s that if I make a challenge to myself and make it public, I stick with it. So here’s that.

I was planning on starting tonight, but I’m almost positive I will throw up everywhere. I don’t want to waste all this good chocolate.


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