Parents should lose custody of their fat babies.

Seriously. They should. I mean, what kind of parent lets their kids get fat? It’s horrible and abusive and should be treated by forcefully removing the child from their home and placing them with strangers. That’s not nearly as psychologically damaging as having to attend public school (or, hey, walk around in public) being fat. This is the best idea ever!


Other news: I’m starving and I want pancakes.

I keep half-heartedly considering going for a walk or something since I’m up early enough and it’s not 90+ degrees right now. I think I’m going to use the fact that my iPod is not charged as my excuse for today.

Meredith is currently training for a triathlon¬† I wish I had the balls to do that. Or at least a butt that wouldn’t totally eat an entire bicycle seat if I tried riding one.

I’m supposed to weigh in today or something. I’ve been doing every Wednesday now for awhile, but I don’t broadcast it anymore. I’ve, yet again, considered going back to Weight Watchers, especially now that the doctor decided to tell me I have high blood pressure when I totally don’t. I should have warned her about my mental condition. I’m going to think my heart is on the brink of explosion at any minute now.

I can’t justify the cost of Dubs anymore. I could probably just do the points system at home, but what fun is that? I want my stickers, god damn it.

Pancakes it is.

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