Weigh In

Diet Coke and a pizza, please.

I’ve been 26 for a week now. I don’t feel any older, except my back constantly hurts and I walk around like a hunchback most of the time. I’m blaming that on the wonderful person who adjusted my chair at work a few weekends back. I’ve yet to get it back to not hurting me.

I started making a list of 27 things I was going to do before I turned 27. I only made it to 13. Here they are.

1. Take more pictures.

2. Eat better food.

3. Write more.

4. Expand my cooking horizons.

5. Start seriously thinking about a career and not just a job.

6. Move out.

7. Take better care of myself.

8. Learn to sew — really sew.

9. Pay off at 75% of my credit cards.

10. Wear more dresses.

11. Start freelancing.

12. Participate in at least one official 5k.

13. Break my addiction to fast food.

So far, all of these things are going well. Except maybe 12 because I haven’t decided on when I’m going to do this. I did start walking again recently. I even jogged a whole half mile. And then I got a blister on the bottom of my foot while over a mile away from my car. That sure was a fun day.

I took a billion pictures on my birthday.

This one is my favorite.

I think Lacie probably likes me more than most people I know. This is the pose she insisted we do about 50 times over. She’s funny.

My big flight is on the 10th. I’m not as nervous anymore. I’ve flown like 100 times and nothing bad has ever happened. I have friends that have flown way more and nothing bad has happened. Things will be okay. And I will somehow fit in that seat, damn it.

I lost another two pounds last week, if anyone was keeping track. It’s technically 43 minutes into my weigh-in day for this week. I don’t want to deal with it. I’m pretty sure I gained a pound even though I ate within (under, actually) my points all week. I know this because I’m still obsessively weighing myself.  I’m down -6.5 since I started Weight Watchers. That’s still more than I lost ever in the six or seven months I was doing it last time.

I saw the Glee movie on Sunday. Ashley Fink is still and forever will be my hero. I’m also pretty sure Darren Criss impregnated me through the screen. I’ll let you know in a few months if this is true.

I keep meaning to post more on here, but I am seriously the most lazy person I know. Maybe I will see you again tomorrow, WordPress admin screen. We’ll see.


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