Team Peeta.

Sometimes I feel bad about having this blog. I should probably shut it down one day if I plan on doing nothing with it. I have zero motivation to write anymore. I’m not happy about that. That is what I want to do with my life. I have a notebook filled of ideas of things to blog about, but they just wouldn’t work here in my little weight loss empire.

Friday will be week 5 of Weight Watchers. If you were curious:

Week 1: -4.5

Week 2: -2

Week 3: +1

Week 4: -1.5

I’m positive I’ve gained this week. I don’t know when the last time I was all PMSy this bad. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten at least ten pounds of dark chocolate since Monday. Not even kidding. Best part, I woke up today with a fever and a giant body cramp. I’ve slept, eh, 5 hours since Sunday. I think my body is rebelling. I called off today for the first time ever at this job. I’m still about 75% sure I’m going to die before this week is out.

I found a recipe for tomato sauce that I’m making tomorrow before work. One can of whole, peeled tomatoes, one yellow onion, 5 tbsp of butter. Open can, plop it in a pot, chop onion ONCE down the center, throw in butter, let simmer for 45 minutes. It’s supposed to be the most fantastic sauce. We’ll see about that.

I just realized I have six notebooks in my purse. One of so many reasons I have no friends. The only friends I need are Katniss and Peeta, anyway.

See you soon, blog world. Sorry that we only talk when I feel the need to ramble somewhere.

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