Couponing Class and the Debt Snowball.

I was intentionally late with this week’s financial post.


I went to an Extreme Couponing class yesterday. I wanted to wait and post about it.

The class was taught by Chris and Ashley Duff, who were on the show a few months ago. Their episode was one of my first real assignments at work. I wasn’t a big fan of them at first, but when I found out that they donated almost everything they couponed to one of my favorite charities, I gave them a chance.

The class yesterday was at this church that generally makes me itch. I was still itchy. I thought there were only going to be 30-40 people there. Definitely a few hundred. My favorite part was watching the door-watcher pounce on some woman in front of me who brought her coffee into the sanctuary. Sinner.

Anyway. Outside of the church giving me the creeps, it was really informative. This couple is really big on not being the jerk who goes to the store and clears all the shelves just to have 200 boxes of toothpaste. I’ve captioned a lot of EC shows and the people on them usually make me sick. There is no need to hoard tens of thousands of dollars worth of food when there are food banks and shelters and families (especially) who have nothing. The Duffs advocate couponing everything you can, even if you’re going to use it, in order to give to those who don’t have anything. He may have ended the class with a Gospel sales pitch, but I think they’re good people.

They said that couponing takes about three months to really get going because the coupons generally come out that long before a sale. I’m determined to get this stuff down. I’ll report back.

I decided this week that I was going to repay my debts with Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method. Tl;Dr: I’m starting with my smallest debts first and concentrating on paying them off while just paying minimum payments on my other stuff.

I’ve tried making mega-payments on everything at once to get it all down, but then I end up with like $5 to pay for gas and food and everything else I need every two weeks. No bueno.

Without further pissing around:

I’ve knocked off $150 of my Old Navy debt this pay because I only had one other bill due. I’m hoping to get it totally gone before the new year. This is going to happen.

Seeing my big loan makes me sick. I can’t consolidate the two loans, either, because the big one is private. Can’t defer it, either, unless I go to grad school. Ugh.  I really wish someone would have stopped me from taking that out. Or going to a better school or getting a useful degree.

This has been this edition of the C’mon Fatso Financial Mess Clean-Up.  If you like it, you should put a ring on it. And like the facebook page on your right.


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