5 Favorite Health Blogs

Four years of English-degree-getting and I still have introductory-paragraph anxiety.

I read too many blogs. My Google Reader is set up in half a million categories, including “Health,” “Crafty,” “Fat Positive,” “Financial,” and “Career.” I marked everything as read a few days ago and I’m back up to having hundreds of unread posts. I’ve had a few people ask me for recommendations about my favorite bloggers. I’m not doing anything else other than complaining about how tired and sick I am, so here’s the first in a series. These are my top 5 favorite health/weight-loss blogs. In no particular order, of course.

Suzi Storm, OK, just one more beer…  — One of the times I unbroke up with Weight Watchers, I came across Suzi’s blog. She’s lost over 100 pounds on the program and looks fantastic. She’s now a WW leader and if I lived by her, I’d probably still be on the program. haha.

Kirsten, Results Not Typical Girl  — Kirsten’s blog inspired me to start mine. Shh. Don’t tell her.

Ben, Ben Does Life  – True story: I’ve got a pretty big crush on this guy. His video about losing 120 pounds makes me weepy on a bad day.

Melissa, Mel Gets Fit – Melissa’s blog was one of the first I ever subscribed to on Google Reader. I’ve yet to forsake it.

Millie, See Millie Tri  – There’s just so much here to talk about. Millie is one of my biggest inspirations (when I’m not being mega lazy, of course.) Luckily, she has all of my favorite posts linked on one page!

Bonus Jonas:
Bob Harper’s blog.— As frustrated as I am with the Biggest Loser and the unrealistic expectations it gives hopeful fatties, as much as I hate how he misuses ellipses and other punctuation, I still want to be on him.
I also have a ton of links over on the right that I’ve pretty much neglected lately. I don’t even know if all of these are on there. ha. I should get on that.



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