The new Slim Fast diet.

Hello, world. I’m still here.

In my recovering-from-Mono misery, I’ve come up with a replacement for the Slim Fast diet. Instead of drinking those awful shakes, just drink an energy drink every two hours or so*. You’ll be too keyed up to eat, but you’ll certainly be able to stay awake to work. No need to staple a pillow to your cubicle wall! It’s great. I’ve lost five pounds in the past two weeks doing this. I recommend Rockstar Punched. Until you completely deplete Walgreens of their supply. I’ve tried almost every single energy drink in the energy drink case. Nothing else tastes like a normal beverage. I almost threw up drinking the Starbucks double shot + energy ones. Oh my god. Who drinks that on a regular basis?

In my very limited downtime, I’ve been participating in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. It’s ruining my life. It will all be worth it when I’m eating spaghetti in Rome with Misha Collins (and my really, really ridiculously good looking team), though. This week, I’ve rounded up all of my red books, bought half a ton of legos, dug out a prop from a failed Hell House my former cult tried to put on, and painted a realistic street sign, among other things. My teammates have a monopoly on the way cooler items. Everything is due Tuesday. I’ve never felt so worthless for not being able to send off a Christmas tree with helium balloons in my life, but it’s going to be okay.

I need to start thinking seriously about getting ready for work and figure out if sweatpants and a hoodie is business casual or not. I’m also debating taking my snuggie with me. 15 hours of overtime left to make up! Whoo!

I have ever intention of blogging regularly once I get back on a normal schedule. I need to assess how I did on my resolutions for the year, update my financial situation, finish that series about me and the Church, and maybe get back to being healthy. It’s going to be a fun December!

As usual, here’s a picture of something that made me happy.


*I’m not a doctor. Don’t take me seriously. I’m sure I lost most of the weight from the mono and the stress. And I did eat, really. Just only when I was at work and almost never at home.

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