These are my confessions.

Confession: I gained 15 pounds this year.

I might have lost some somewhere in there, but since I put in my weight on myfitnesspal in January, I’ve gained 15. On one hand, I really don’t care. On the other, I failed what I thought would be my easiest 2011 resolution, which was to weigh less January 1, 2012 than I did on January 1, 2011.

Confessions: I ate 3/4 pound of jelly beans yesterday. And like 18 chickens. I can’t go to wings restaurants anymore. It’s bad.  I think I’m developing a slight addiction to Sheetz cheese sticks.

GISHWHES is over tomorrow night. I’m kind of sad about it. I think our team actually has a shot at going to Rome and meeting the Mishster. This has been the most stressful and sleepless week of my life, but it was all worth it. The unnamed Team 259 is my favorite group of people on the planet. Even more than the Backstreet Boys. Someone found my blog by trying to find out how many helium balloons it would take to lift a Christmas tree off the ground. Whoever you are, let’s be friends.

Confession: I have always considered myself as a healthy fatty. For my size, I’ve been pretty in shape. This time last year, I’m pretty sure I could outrun most thin people I know. I’m not like that anymore. I swear to God it took me a half hour to stand up after sitting on the ground for something GISHWHES related that I can’t talk about. This has to change.

Confession: I’m going back to eating healthy foods again. I miss things grown from the ground. I refuse to call this a diet. I also refuse to call it a lifestyle. I just want to eat tasty vegetables more than I eat cheese sticks.

Confession: Provided I don’t lose my job this week, I’m seeing if I can get a three-month contract with Anytime Fitness. I hate the idea of spending money on a gym, but as long as I live at home and work this shift, there is nowhere to work out that isn’t interfering in someone’s sleep or daily life. I refuse to go out on our bike/walking trail because they’re demolishing everything beautiful on it to make way for a railroad to be used solely for the gas industry. I’m really, really pissed about this. But that’s another story.

Confession: I have a blogging schedule set up for the month of December. I’ve promised myself I’d blog more often I don’t know how many times, but this time I mean it. And I should have posted the link to this blog on my tumblr forever ago. I had like 500 hits today, which I very rarely get.

And I just kind of wanted to use this gif.



One thought on “These are my confessions.

  1. Here’s my confession:
    I read your post in traffic. I laughed so hard at your .gif that I spewed Starbucks out my nose.
    You totally owe me a new mocha.

    Also, I’ve been trying to eat more veggies lately. I’ve eaten more apples than Mr. Ed. I suppose they’re working, however, as I’m pretty sure I pooped a hammer today.


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