How to eat a pomegranate.

I had my first experience with a pomegranate yesterday. I usually hate everything pomegranate-flavored. I think it’s sour and boring and the equivalent of “blue raspberry,” which is not a real thing. I don’t know what made me buy one when I ran into the grocery store for coffee and ended up spending $40, but I did. I googled “How to eat a pomegranate” because I honestly have never seen one eat one other than Needle, who loves pomegranates. If you don’t know who Needle is, please educate yourself and thank me later.

The gist of everything I read was cut it open, take off as much of the peel as possible, then soak the rest in a bowl of water for awhile to get it all loose from the rind, scoop out the rind, then drain the water and enjoy.

Yeah, it didn’t go like that. The internet is full of lies. There is clearly not enough warning that your entire life will be stained pink when you open one of these, plus they don’t just fall apart. Or maybe they absolutely do and I’m just really impatient.  As someone who spent most of her childhood purposefully putting Elmers glue on their hands just to peel it off when it dries (I bet you can just imagine my social life), peeling those little seeds out of the rind was incredibly satisfying.

The seeds were delicious. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I even saved one between my bottom right molars in case I want it later.

I still hate pomegranate-flavored things. It’s like the difference between fresh watermelon and watermelon-flavored things, except I’d eat anything if it was watermelon-flavored.

I still have a good bit of seeds left. I don’t know what to do with them. I bet Google could help me with that, too!

Oh, and if you’re actually looking for how to eat a pomegranate and still haven’t pieced it together from this, go here.


2 thoughts on “How to eat a pomegranate.

  1. Oh man I laughed my ass off at this. You’re too funny. I always know I’m in for something good when I see your blog in my Google Reader.

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