11 in ’11: The New Year’s Resolution Review.

Last New Year’s Eve Eve, I wrote a post with the 11 things I was determined to do this year. It’s been one year since I made these goals. Let’s review, shall we?

1. Write in cursive.

That’s an “I” and an “S,” for the record. Yes, my name starts with an “S.” No, I’ve never been able to make it look fancy.

2. Begin freelancing — for real this time. Fail.  I’ve done a lot of reading about it but nothing to accomplish it.

3.  Uncluttering my life. Mm, yeah. I’d take a picture of my desk area right now, but I don’t want to scare the children. Fail.

4. Somewhat accomplished. I gained 15 pounds this year, but I ate way less processed crap and I even joined a gym and go there sometimes. Pass.

5. Start my book. I started getting my thoughts organized when I was in Illinois, but I just kind of forgot about it, honestly. Fail.

6. Observe a daily tea time. Pass! Well, almost. I shouldn’t ever say I’m going to do anything daily unless it’s wake up half-drowned in drool every morning or something. I did have tea almost every single day that I worked at the unnamed closed caption company, mainly because they have ever tea ever made oh my god. I just started drinking it with milk the past few days. I’m thisclose to dropping my hard consonants.

7. Post a blog every day. hahahahaha.

8. Read 60 books. Pass, I think. I stopped keeping track sometime in February after I got my new job. I had 15 then. I’m pretty sure I managed to fit in at least 100.

9. Figure out what to go to Grad School for. I narrowed it down to social work, library science, or theology. That’s a half-pass, right? Right.

10. Get out of debt or at least come close. I’m giving myself a pass for this because I worked super hard on paying off my consumer debt this year, even though I’m not anywhere near out of it. Two credit cards to go!

11. Find a job I love. When I made these resolutions, I was working at the godforsaken car dealership, so even McDonalds sounded like a dream job. I found a good job. Half-pass.

6 out of 11 isn’t bad. I’m actually pretty shocked I did that many. Huh.

Am I doing 12 in ’12? I’m so glad you asked! I honestly don’t know. I guess I have, what? 47 hours or so to think about it? I’ve thrown around a few ideas like going vegan, only eating stuff I make myself, starting a new blog, and giving up pop (not soda because that isn’t a real thing) again like I did in 2009. I don’t know what I’m doing. Guess you’ll just have to stick around.


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