New Month Resolution.

I can’t type 2012. I swear I just got my fingers to get used to typing 2011 like two weeks ago.

I’ve given resolutions/goals/whatever for this year some serious thought and I’m not doing a list of 12 for the whole year and jumping straight into it. I’m playing around with the idea of doing one per month, each one building on the next. It takes 30 days to make a habit. Concentrating on one for 30 days, making that a habit, then going on to something else is interesting to me. Once I figure out what these things are, you will be the first to know, blog.

I’m taking it slow in January.  I’m cutting out pop. I did this for all of 2009. It wasn’t even January 2nd when I was readdicted to Diet Coke. A few weeks ago, I was going through about six cans a day, mainly to cope with work stress. I suppose it was better than drinking six beers a day or something. So, yeah. Water, tea, coffee, and the odd juice. I’m really, really happy about this.

It’s not so much of a resolution, but I’m also not buying any books until I finish the books I have but haven’t had a chance to read. Sometime today, I’m making a list of all of the books I own but haven’t read yet. I’m not allowing myself to buy more until this list is done. I have about 400 books in my bedroom. I would say I haven’t read at least 150 of them. The plan right now is to move that project to this blog. There’s nothing on it right now, but I’ll get to it eventually. Tonight, hopefully.

I’m seriously considering moving back to Georgia. Or maybe Florida. I don’t know where, exactly. I’d just like to move somewhere warm. This might be one of my month resolutions. Hm.

Blogging and writing is a new priority, as well. I’ve said that half a million times in 2011, but for real, though. First order of business: Redesign this bitch. I’m sick of looking at it. Right after I eat a gigantic lunch and drink a gallon of iced tea.

2012 is going to be pretty fantastic. Unless we all die. That wouldn’t be fantastic.

I'm just so excited!

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