January Resolution Update.

It’s a little past mid-January, so I figure I might as well update the world on what I’m doing this month.

For the uninitiated, instead of doing all 12 resolutions for 2012 like I did my 11 in ’11, I’m taking it a month at a time and building on each one. January’s resolution: Cut out the pop/soda/whatever.*

Great success! I knew this would probably be the easiest one when I picked it. Is that cheating? I cut out pop for all of 2009 with no issues, then went crazy with it as soon as it was 2010. I realized about a month ago that I was drinking up to 10 cans of Diet Coke a day. Gross.

I’ve replaced my Diet Coke with a lot of tea. Like a ridiculous amount of tea, especially for an American.** Where I work, we have a cabinet full of different flavors of Bigelow tea. I have singlehandedly destroyed the box of black tea. It had about 100 bags in it two weeks ago. It had two last night when I made my last cup. Oops.

I’m playing around with ideas for my February goal. I’m thinking about cutting out fast food again, just because the McDonald’s people are starting to know my name. That’s a little bit terrifying.

Oh, and remember that time I got a gym membership? Yeah. Me either.



*I say “pop.” Soda sounds funny. People who use “Coke” for a collective term for all fizzy drinks deserve a throat punch. But, hey, I’m a pacifist.

**If I ever go to England, I’m probably just going to say I’m Canadian or something. Admitting I’m an American is so embarrassing sometimes. I pretty much only watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, will only eat Kit Kats if they’re from the British aisle of the grocery store, and drink my weight in PG Tips every day. I AM ONE OF YOU, ENGLISH PEOPLE!

4 thoughts on “January Resolution Update.

  1. thanks for keeping me updated. As much as I agree the new year is a great time to start fresh, it’s become a stereotype that we’ll all start something and give up on it within two months. That route is depressing, but true.

    With that in mind, I’ve opted out of the whole thing, refusing to put myself in a position that will surely end up in stereotypical failure. I mean, if I’m going to fail, let’s make it amazing. So, I’m changing my diet back to when I was revolting against the school, hoping they would let me renounce my meal plan. I was living on less than $25/week in groceries. The bulk of that consisted of whole grain breads, crackers cereals, fruits and veggies (fresh or steamed), milk, cheese, and the occasional bag of gummy bears. And water. More water than ever.

    Now you know, and knowing’s half the battle–G.I. JOOOOOEE!

    1. I bet you were just waiting for this update. 🙂

      Last year was probably the first time I really tried the New Year Resolution thing. I’ve always been more of a monthly goal broken down into weekly segments kind of girl, which is strange for someone who really isn’t very organized. I just like having a pre-measured start and end point. Or something like that.

      Was that the same time we went to Catalyst and you brought quesadillas? Because they were amazing.

      Your lady has me convinced to try going gluten free for awhile to get rid of my migraines. We’ll see how that turns out.

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