Gluten Free Everything.

I have a severe fear of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Severe. I listen to Third Eye Blind’s “Semi Charmed Life” to make sure I still know all of the words at least once a week. Stupid, yeah, but it makes me feel better.

For the last few months, my mind has just felt fuzzy. My short-term memory was so bad last month that I went through two stacks of sticky notes to write myself notes because I forget everything as soon as my mind turns to another subject.

Also, headaches. Oh, my god. Headaches. I had a headache every single day in December and almost all of this month.

These things don’t go well at all with my hypochondria.

I was browsing my Google+ stream a little over a week ago and a friend had said she went on a gluten-free diet and her migraines went away. I had spent most of that day in bed with an eye mask on, trying to sleep my way through that particular day’s headache. My mother has been telling me to try cutting out gluten for years now because I have the world’s worst digestive system and I’m constantly sick. Of course it would take something on G+ to finally convince me.

So. Last week, I did it. Gluten free. I felt like I was slowly starving to death during the first two days, but I got over that REAL quick when I found these GF english muffins. Oh my god.

I do really just want a sandwich. One not on that god-awful rice bread. Also, Jensen Ackles would be nice to have, too.

But yeah. No headaches. No fuzzy feeling. My stomach didn’t rebel against me at all. I didn’t even get super tired after lunch at work.

Yesterday, I went a little crazy. I just really, really wanted some pizza, damn it. And not the $6 five-inch personal pizza they sell in the GF section at the grocery store. Real pizza.

Basically, I ate all of the gluten.

Today? Migraine. All fucking day.

I’m convinced my mother is right and that I have a gluten intolerance. Don’t tell her I said she’s right, though.

My only issue has been that I eat SO many carbs doing this. Like GF breads and rice and frozen GF pasta bowls and things. I really need to find other recipes for things I like. Any suggestions are welcome. Unless it’s something with beans in it. Please no.

(p.s. I started blogging on the once-forsaken god-blog again. If you’re interested.)

One thought on “Gluten Free Everything.

  1. Oh my God I kind of hate you for this. 90% of my diet is bread and I get a shit ton of migraines. I can’t think of a bigger tragedy in life than realizing I’m gluten intolerant.
    Off I go to google the words that may just cure my migraines but ruin my life.

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