February’s goal is…

It’s eight days into the month and I’ve only known what I’m doing this month for the past four days. This and catching up on Doctor Who has made me forsake all of my blogs. Sorry. I’ve got a lot to do and my blogs are not a priority. I’m just being honest.


February’s goal:

Yup. Never read it. Reading it now. I may have been late coming back from lunch today because I was sucked into it.

Speaking of being late: I was late to work today for the first time in my entire life. I hate, hate, hate, hate being late to things. I was late to exactly two classes from high school and all throughout college, both of which were not more than a minute late. It gives me a nervous stomach. My mother told me once that she thinks people who are late for things are selfish. I agree with her.

“Oh, Sierra! I hate when people are late, too! I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” you say? I know.

Our  upstairs shower leaked on Saturday morning and soaked through to our downstairs bathroom. While the guy was fixing it today, a pipe burst and half of my house drowned. Right before work. Such a great day!


Because of the above picture, I’m sure you’ll understand why I have no time for blogs. True story: When I bought the book at Half Priced Books, the elderly cashier said, “Oh, it’s your first day at Hogwarts, huh?!” She was so excited! God, I love old people. I got cornered by an old, old Irish man who mumbled a lot when I was at the fish store the other day. He was telling me something about a movie he watched where all the fish jumped out of the ocean and ate the people. He was really lonely. I just wanted to hug him, but that would have been weird.

Goodnight, blog!

(p.s. I’m almost finished applying to grad school. Hold on, world.)


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