I love Valentine’s Day.

I really, really love Valentine’s Day. I’ve been single (happily, I might add) for almost all of my life, but I’ve pretty much always liked Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to give people presents or cutesy cards gives me the warm fuzzies. You probably don’t believe this if you know me, but it’s true!

Happy Valentine's Day, blog. ❤

I always feel bad for people who make Facebook statuses (or Myspace bulletins or Xanga entries or AIM away messages/infos, depending on when we’re talking about) about how much they hate V-Day and how much they want it to be over and how they hate hearing about people being in love, and, of course, the ever-so-clever “Singles’ Awareness Day” that may or may not have the proper apostrophe. It’s just showing how much they really, really need to have a significant other and how bitter they are about other people having one.

Stop being bitter about it.

Yeah. That’s right. I just told you to stop being bitter.

I’ve said before that you aren’t going to love yourself at 115 pounds if you can’t love yourself at 250 pounds (regardless if your doctor says otherwise). You also aren’t going to love yourself in a relationship if you can’t love yourself being single, and that’s just not fair to your future-partner.

There. I said it.

I made a blog-announcement on the Facebook page last night. I probably should make it here, too. I’ve had like four blogs to try to keep up with recently. My planner is full of lists of posts to make on each one. Obviously, I haven’t posted anything for like a week or maybe longer on this one. I sit here, stare at my list, get overwhelmed, and watch Doctor Who instead.

What this means for you, blog friend, is that I’m combining all of my blogs into this one. This and my personal blog were basically becoming the same thing, anyway. I’m not OMG GOTTA LOSE WEIGHT anymore because I had a number of realizations and that should not be my focus. I also had a baking blog that had a lot of drafts and no posts, and then my religionish blog that I’ve updated once.

Hopefully this means I’ll get off of my e-ass and write some more. I’ve been doing a lot of writing-by-hand (handwriting? Can that word be used in this case? Hm.) lately and I think I like this way better.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, blog friends. Call someone and tell them you love them and don’t be bitter.


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