The Stuffy Nose Dance: A Haiku.

Snoring mouth breather.
Left, right, left, right, left, right, back.
Squeaky, squeaky face.*

I know. I deserve all of the awards for that brilliance.

I’ve had the absolute worst cold/sinus infection thing for the past week and I’m so, so whiny. And my lips are so dry from breathing out of my mouth for days. And oh my GOD is my face squeaky. Am I the only person who gets a squeaky face with sinus stuff? ‘Cause it’s real squeaky. My nose is halfway unstuffed at the moment, and any time I try to inhale through it, it sounds a bit like a finger dragging over an over-inflated balloon. That’s the best description I can think of.

I can’t touch my face without it feeling like it might explode. And I’m coughing and hacking and have the worst cramps of my life and had to get blood work today and oh my god.

I feel like a man with a cold. I should not be whining so much.

Just stopping in to say hey, blog.

Shakesbear will write you a sonnet.

*Originally, this was going to be a Shakespearean sonnet, but I am two years out of college and the laziest former-English major ever. I think the last sonnet I wrote was probably something obscene about Dante’s Inferno. I have the best hobbies.

2 thoughts on “The Stuffy Nose Dance: A Haiku.

  1. You too? I have a head cold, but I find I feel much better after going to the gym. All i want to do is stay in bed, but I swear you sweat out that ickiness.

    1. I can’t breathe. I don’t think going to the gym would be a good idea like this. I even took the elevator up one floor at work because when I went up the stairs earlier that day, it took me 10 minutes to catch my breath again. I haven’t been too stuffy today, so maybe it’s on its way out.

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