Where have I been, you ask?

Oh, just losing six pounds in the past two weeks.

I know, I know. I said I was done with the weight loss thing and just wanted to eat my cheese sticks.

Well, I’ve realized that even now that I’m not sick (I just fully got over mono three weeks ago! Partyyyy!) I’m sick of not being able to walk up the stairs at work without feeling like I’m going to die. That’s no good.

I went for a walk on the trail and everything on Tuesday. I started C25k over again, but I made the brilliant decision to bring my dog along. I had to stop every three minutes so she could piss and let everyone know she was there. 20 minute mile, regardless, which I don’t think is bad for a 314-pound, totally nonathletic, absolutely sedentary for the past six months crazy person with an incontinent Maltese. My record in high school? 45 minutes. I was that kid. Shocker, right?

Best thing? I have these ridiculously comfortable pajamas that I love. Only problem: The waistband has no give and my ass is huge. I haven’t been able to wear them for months, sadly. I got them on with no problem last night. I’m shocked. I’d wear them to work today, but I’m pretty sure that’s not business casual. Neither is my TARDIS shirt, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it at least once a week. Hm.

So. Yes. Hi. I’m not making any “I’m losing 20 pounds before the end of April!!!!” goals because those are just silly and don’t work. I just want to keep wearing these pajamas.

By the way, come find me on Fitocracy. You’ll love it.

This is truly my life.

One thought on “Hello!

  1. Sierra, you’re doing great. Every positive choice you make is a step forward. When I started Couch to 5K, I was 280 pounds. It took me 6 months to finish, but I did it and went on to run a marathon at 240 pounds. Did it take forever? Of course! Was it worth it? 100%

    I know these are just words on a screen, but I am proud of you for continuing to pick yourself and try again. Keep going! 🙂

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