This is not a blog post.

Hello! I have so many crazy things going on in my life right now that I actually forgot about my blog. Like, I did not remember I had one. Sorry, friends. My house is being remodeled and I have some new developments in the career and personal department that I’d rather not share because I jinx everything. I swear, entire day is taken up by trying to figure out how to navigate my kitchen enough to pack a decent lunch while avoiding being in the way of our renovators. If I eat fast food one more day this week, I swear I’m going to die. We may be moving into a hotel for a few days while they work on the main part of the kitchen, so I’ll be back soonish! Here’s some stuff I’ve been into lately for your viewing pleasure.


Old, but fantastic.

I refuse to let Twilight ruin this song for me.

I’m obsessed with this song and I don’t even care.

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