The road so far.

Well, hello! It’s been a couple of minutes, right? Things have fallen through, my kitchen is back and functional, and I’m blogging again. The world is balanced!

I’m really sad no one else appreciated the videos I left for your collective entertainment. I’ve been sitting here listening to the Muppets one for like 45 minutes now while trying to figure out what to talk about. You are all missing out.

I updated the layout of the blog like two weeks ago. I don’t like how gigantic my face and wormustache is, but I think this is the best I’m going to get without paying to upgrade WordPress, which is totally on the agenda once I pay off my credit cards.

Here’s a recap of the last month+. Please listen to this for proper recap music. I will make you something and maybe even send it to you if you get the reference.

I deleted my credit card from Amazon. The only thing I have saved on there is my debit card. I once had that card paid off and racked up almost $3,000 on it in a year. Ridiculous. This was such a huge step for me. I cried a little, to be honest. Breaking the “I NEED THIS THING” habit has been a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. I also stopped using my other credit card unless it’s a total emergency, but so far not even having to choose between gas and food has made me use it.

I’m pretty content with captioning at the moment, even if it’s just barely paying the bills. At least I still have you, blog. You’re free.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I found a church that I really, really love and am not grossed out by in any way. I know. I know. It’s crazy.

And, finally, I’ve been eating a lot healthier since we got our kitchen back. I have a week where I’m going to two amusement parks coming up and I’m terrified that I won’t fit in the rides. I came pretty close last year. Ugh. My very favorite cousin and I started C25K last week. We did the whole first week, then we spent this week playing tennis once and then sleeping in the rest of the time. ha. I refuse to weigh myself, but my pants are fitting better and I physically feel better, so I think it’s a great success.

So, yeah. It’s been a pretty busy, really good month.

I have a couple full entries saved in the drafts I’ll be posting soon. I even have a big list of stuff to write and post about! I’m open for ideas of things you’d like to read about, too. My life is really, really boring.

Also, I’m missing the O key on my keyboard and have to type on the little nubbins. It’s annoying. Pardon any o-related typos if you’re talking to me through the internet until I get this fixed.

Obligatory picture:

I think I posted this last year, but I don’t even care. It’s just truth.

3 thoughts on “The road so far.

  1. I hope you write more. I like reading your blogs. Happy that for the most part thing are going really well for you!

  2. i am missing my A key on my keyboard. thanks to my best friend’s 2 yr old daughter who decided to throw a book at me, I am also reduced to typing on the nubbins. lame. of course it would be o’s and a’s. Nobody would mind if the Q key went missing…or even the X or Z.

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