New readers, new blog, oh, my!

Has it really been two weeks? I didn’t mean to abandon you.

I’ve had this insane spike in readers as of late, so, hello, new blogfriends! I have a favor to ask all of you. I’m attempting to get this blog updated across the board because, let’s face it, the current incarnation of C’mon, Fatso is really nothing like it started. My about page is basically just my extended bio I had to write for Fitblogger, which I’m not involved with anymore. Could you help me out, think of some fantastic questions, and send them here for me? I have a small list of questions that are actually frequently asked, but those are boring. There are a couple of really good ones already in there from posting the link on Facebook last night. I’m pretty excited to answer them!

Also, this blog is just as much for me as it is for you. What do you like reading about? Personally, I tend to skip over posts in other blogs that are basically just “blah, blah, blah this is my day,” which is basically what this has turned into. I don’t like it. I’ve played around with the idea of doing something like Friday Favorites, mostly because my biggest goal in life is to be Oprah. I just de-hoarded my bedroom and I have boxes full of Birchbox samples and Lost Crates items that I never opened  give away, so, hey, let’s do a giveaway! I just don’t know when. Soon!

Also, the church stories. I’m trying to figure out how to give them their own category page. If someone with WordPress expertise could point me in the right direction, that would be lovely.

So, there. Short update. I need your help with things to keep this blog fantastic. Ask me things. Tell me what you want to see. I appreciate all of you a lot. Really.

It’s true. You do.

3 thoughts on “New readers, new blog, oh, my!

  1. Okay, I set up the categories on a couple of my blogs, so I am going to try & recreate that. It was a pain both times because I keep forgetting & it’s a bit confusing, for me anyway.

    I think first think is you’ll need to make sure your theme allows custom menus, then you’ll have to have your posts assigned to categories.

    Appearance > Menus
    First, you’ll need to create & name a menu from the tabs at the top of the main section of the page.
    Next, on the left hand side you’ll see boxes, one will be for pages & another for categories, select the ones you want to use for your menus & then “add to menu”. (If you have more than one menu they will go to the active menu.)
    In the menu you box you will now see them, listed as either pages or categories – but all together, & you can add a label & hover info, & you can reorder them by dragging.
    The just “save menu” & they should show up on your blog.

    Here is my blog that has both a custom menu (I set it to pages) & a sub-menu (I use for categories), but a lot of them only support a single custom menu. The theme is Yoko: https://myyeartothrive.wordpress.com

    Hope that helps!

    Also, I know what you mean about health. I think we both started out doing WW & have abandoned that, so my blog got a bit of a reinvention as well.

    1. “I know what you mean about health.” I have know idea why that says ‘health’. It was meant to say something about changes, since we have both veered off the weight loss course we started with (or I started with & that’s what you were doing when I found your blog. I think you had just quit WW, or maybe you were just starting back.) I guess my head was getting ahead of my fingers, & I was thinking about how my blog has become about HAES instead of weight.

  2. Hi Sierra: I just discovered your blog this morning while searching for something, and I like it. I have gotten this far, and I am wondering whether it is going to end at some point- sad face- or whether it is going to run right up to today- happy face.

    I am especially interested in your church stories, but you seem to be running out of steam on them. I know you will write more on that topic when you are ready, which might be tomorrow. Which was a year ago, actually. I have a blog about an emotional topic for me, and I go months between posts- not really a good way to keep readers interested. Your blog is inspiring me. I haven’t been concerned about readers because my primary motivations are to get it out of me, and to sneak up on myself with the material for a book. Also, truth be told, as much as I want people to read it, I am a little frightened about people reading it. So I tippy-toe. But people do read it, and I get very encouraging responses.

    You are an excellent writer and you definitely have something to say- something interesting and meaningful to others, because it is interesting and meaningful to you, and you have the ability to show it to others to do with as they will. I sense that you (at this point in the blog- July 2012) are somewhat at sea with the church-cult issue, that your feelings have changed a little and you are a little less clear about the whole topic than you were when you started. You said a while back that you had gone back to church (gasp) and you are now calling it “church stories” instead of “cult stories.”

    That is fine. That is all part of the story. Just tell the truth and it will be a gift to others. I was thinking that your blog will get even better as time passes and you mature because the chip on your shoulder was great in the beginning, but it only goes so far. Your story will become richer as you explore the hurt and the broken heart from all angles and make peace with it, I think. I can’t wait to read it.

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