Hey, blog.

Hi. I probably won’t be updating again for a week or two, but I just wanted to give the three or four of you who read this a heads up on my whereabouts:

1. GISHWHES is in full swing this week. You can help my team (and the world) out by pledging to do a random act of kindness here. Referring email is sierramcconnell[at]gmail.com. We’re trying to break two world records this year — Our own world’s largest scavenger hunt from last year and one for the most random acts of kindness(es) pledged. We need to hit 100,000. No clue where we’re at now. Obviously, no one can track if you do the act you pledge to do, but you should be doing this on a regular basis, anyway. This won’t sign you up for anything at all unless you opt in, either. And it will help me and Lainie get to Scotland.

2. I’m earning some serious English major cred by participating in NaNoWriMo for the very first time. I’m working on cult stories, not a novel. I may be posting some stuff along the way.

3. I’m moving to morning shift on Monday. I had planned on waking up earlier and earlier to prepare for it, but, uh, I just woke up at 11:00, so you can see how I’m doing there. I’ll be waking up at 5:00 a.m. starting Monday and for the rest of my life, then probably coming home at 3:00 and ending up in bed by 4:00. Thankfully GISHWHES will be over on Sunday! I just have to figure out how to fit my writing in.

4. Most importantly, my very, very favorite aunt passed away on the 25th. I used to refer to her as “my real mother” when I was little, and she basically considered me one of her kids. She was the most beautiful, generous, kind, and all-around good person I have ever met. I’m planning on writing a lot about her, but I’m still not in the right state of mind to do it without sobbing everywhere, and Apple Care doesn’t cover water damage.

This is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. But, you know. Oh, also, my crazy tooth trying to kill me? When they went to do the root canal, I had a major abscess and they scraped that shit out. I was heavily sedated, but I remember hearing the scraping and thinking, “Huh. I can’t feel that,” and going back to sleep. Still hurts, though. I may just drop over dead from the abscess getting to my brain.

Thanks for loving me even though I’m the worst blogger of all time. I appreciate it. ❤ (It’s serious when I bring out the less than three.)

(PS: Seriously, pledge to do some good. Referring email sierramcconnell[at]gmail.com.)


The greatest woman I have ever known, and that is no hyperbole. This is from my birthday.



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