Starting over.

I’ve been working through my thoughts and feels about the whole gastric bypass situation and the thing I keep coming back to is trying to find the exact point when I decided I was no longer good enough (and good enough for what, even?) and I needed to mutilate my body to conform to someone’s idea of health/beauty/whatever.

Screw it. I’m sorry I even thought about it. I’m learning to love and accept myself again after months of beating myself up for not losing enough weight for my psycho doctor and letting myself get caught up in the weight loss craziness.

Let’s start over, blog.

Hi. I’m Sierra. I deserve better than self-loathing over weights and inches and percentages and calories and points. I can do anything good. I do not need surgery or Weight Watchers or anything to accomplish what I want for my life. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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