200th post: Valentine’s Day is the bee’s knees.

Hey, blog. Happy 200th post, bby. It took us about three years to get here, but this is my longest running relationship to date, so I’m not even mad. That being said:

I still really love Valentine’s Day. Really. I used to be one of those “IM SINGLE SO ITS SINGLES AWARENESS DAY GET IT IM SO WITTY” people, but I’ve come around in the last few years. Yes, it’s totally a made-up holiday. Yes, I constantly mix up St. Valentine and St. Patrick. No, I don’t mind at all. My usual Valentine’s Day shenanigans include running around giving out homemade cookies or cupcakes and lots of little dumb Valentine’s cards to my friend and random people on the street. Except I haven’t done that last part since college because I’m a bad person. bluthvalentine

I’ve had the lovely fortune of being struck with some sort of food poisoning/stomach flu thing the day of an important meeting that could determine a lot of things for me, then hit with a migraine today while at work, so I’ve spent most of my Valentine’s Day prep time in bed. I even missed Ash Wednesday service tonight, which I’m kind of bummed about. It’s one of my favorite things of the year. I came home with my migraine and woke up and my tiny town was transformed into Narnia. Not leaving the house. Nope.

I don’t have too much planned for tomorrow. I’m hoping to be running at at least 80%. Hoping. This being sick thing is not cool. I’m planning on taking myself on a date to my very favorite local antiques store, which is going out of business because someone bought the mall, apparently. If you’re in the south-of-Pittsburgh region and you get easily excited over pyrex, teapots, and/or old quilts, you’re more than welcome to tag along!

My gift for you, blog? This film. It’s a talkie with Charlie Chaplin AND William Frawley. I captioned it for TCM recently, and it’s on YouTube in its entirety (legal or not, I have no idea). It’s easily one of my new favorite movies. Set two hours aside, make a pot of chamomile, and watch it. Because I like you. Also, do something good for someone else. That can’t be done enough. Double also, this is a reminder that the Random Acts’ Annual Melee of Kindness is March 10th! Last year was fantastic. Sign up and do something good then, too. Actually, do something good every day, okay? Okay. Cool.

Halfway through February and I’m just now making a post. 2010 me would be disappointed, but 2013 me just wants to nap.

Have a fantastic day tomorrow, blog. You deserve it. I’ll come back when I’m done watching Les Mis over and over and over, mostly just for Sacha Baron Cohen’s brilliant Thénardier.

4 thoughts on “200th post: Valentine’s Day is the bee’s knees.

  1. I totally figured out what I want you to write. I’m doing profiles of AWESOME big girls for my fat girl army thing. Will you be the first? Will you be my lieutenant? And I love the hair in your photo. You are cute.

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