Patriotism, Candy Crush, Ghosts.

Hey, blog.

I hope you aren’t still judging me from my Prednisone-induced hysteria last month. God, I hate that stuff. My skin did look so good, though, even if I didn’t sleep ever and I was sweating on everything.

Fun fact: July 4th is my least favorite holiday. All of my least favorites are the patriotic ones, now that I think of it. Social media is obnoxious today. All of the festivities are obnoxious today. We’re having a big family cookout, so I guess that’s cool, but still. I’ve never been patriotic. I started feeling really stupid being proud of something that I didn’t accomplish (being born in America) when I was in maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. I distinctly remember telling my 4th grade teacher that I’m still loyal to England. I was that kid.  At least the food is good today. And I don’t have to work. I made cupcakes. Gonna eat them all.

I held out on playing Candy Crush for months and months, and now I’m stuck on level 30 and seriously considering throwing my phone in the pool. I don’t believe anyone has ever beaten this level. I don’t know why I’m saying this here, but I just need someone to know, okay?

*Edit* The most important thing in my life happened in the past few weeks and I can’t believe I didn’t even mention it. I MET ALTON BROWN. HE SIGNED A TARDIS. WE TALKED ABOUT CAPTIONING. I MADE HIM LAUGH. I KEPT MY COOL UNTIL I GOT TO MY CAR. LOOK AT THIS GODDAMN TARDIS.

Okay, breathe. Whew. I didn’t get a picture with him because the woman at the event said he wasn’t taking pictures, but I was literally the very last person to get there. I should have asked him anyway. I’m sad I didn’t. I almost missed the whole thing. I found out about it at 11:15. His thing started at 11:00. I got there at noon. I couldn’t figure out where he was and I almost left, when I noticed the tent in the back of the store (He was doing a little thing at Market District) and there he was. My idol. My hero. Oh, my god. I’m still not over it.

I had every intention of doing NaBloPoMo this month (like I do every month) and I’m only four days late, so maybe I can still make this happen. I always remember the prompts on, like, the 15th. Never fails. Like when my old church youth pastor was really big into reading a book of Proverbs every day for a month and I’d always remember on the 15th or 16th, then give up a few days later. I know Proverbs 15-18 pretty well. Try me.

July 4th prompt:

Who do you feel closest to in your life?

This is hard. I haven’t felt all that close to anyone since Brittani died. That’s been four years. Wow. I guess I would say I’m closest to my sister Melina, since that’s who I spend the most time with. I know she wouldn’t have the same answer, but I’m the big sister and I make these decisions. We are so incredibly opposite in every single way, but still very similar. It’s strange. And I know she reads this blog, so, hey, Lean. Thanks for being you. Even if you don’t like to read and you watch Teen Mom. Let’s get Cinnasnacks.

Honorable mention: Lainie Jo, cousin extraordinaire and the only other person in this family who gets where I’m coming from because she has Tumblr and she knows things. Also the best sous-chef I could ever ask for.

That’s all for now, blog. I need to finish watching Paranormal State about Moundsville Penitentiary. This is, like, the 10th time I’ve tried to watch this and I always get distracted. Moundsville Pen is my very favorite haunted place. Speaking of haunted places, (See? Distracted) my sister is dogsitting for a friend, and while we were at their house yesterday, I’m pretty sure we encountered a ghost. Or two. We walked in, and there were blankets laid out on their couch like someone was sleeping there, plus a pillow. The hassocks were moved to the other side of the room from where they were the day before, and then the bathroom door opened. While her boyfriend was going upstairs to feed the hamster, an orange bead came down from the top of the steps and hit him in the head, then the closet door opened while he was feeding said hamster. I didn’t know any of this was going on, and I was standing by the basement door when it sounded like a kid was running up the basement steps. They told me the rest when we got in the car. My mom said that our friend had stuff like this happen and had someone come bless the house when they moved in. I’ve never had an actual ghost experience ever before, and I don’t know if ghosts are real or if that’s really what was going on, but NOPE. I’m done.

See you tomorrow, maybe, blog. I just deleted my Google Reader (SIGH.) link in my toolbar and added the NaBloPoMo thing there, so hopefully I remember. I like tomorrow’s prompt. Here’s a picture of me and my family in, oh, 1994, being crazy patriotic on the 4th. Enjoy.


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