Comments. I get them.

My power is flickering, so I figure I might as well use my Captain Captioner typing skills to type this up real quick. Everything is flooded, the town next to mine is a state of emergency, and we’ve had big crazy storms all day, and a tornado warning right now. Whoo!

Today’s prompt: Think back to that first blog comment: how did you feel when it popped up on your computer screen?

My first comment on this blog was from someone at my old church who wanted to encourage me to lose weight. Granted, that’s what this blog was about back then, but still. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable, even though I had just posted my weight out there for the world. I think it’s because I’ve always felt like she was judging me, even when we were friends-ish because she was (what I perceived to be at the time) so thin and perfect and gorgeous.

I’m pretty sure my first xanga comment just felt awesome because it was validating how cool I was. As you can see in yesterday’s post, I was certainly the coolest person anyone could ever know. You can tell because I said “rar” a lot and was in love with every boy and cried over how every boy didn’t love me back.

Comments in general can be a bit unnerving. It’s one thing for a bunch of internet stranger to read my blog, know my business, and comment. It’s another for people I know and interact with in real life to know my dirt. Double unnerving when co-workers read it or I’m looking for a new job or something, knowing these HR people are probably Googling me and finding it.

But I do like comments. Who blogs and doesn’t like comments? You know what I hate in comments, though? Bloggers who comment just to get their blogs seen. I don’t get many like that here (anymore), but I see it a lot and it makes me crazy. There’s no need to leave your URL after your comment. Your name turns into a clickable link! How about that? Bloggers should take etiquette classes. I should teach them. (Bonus material: I collect etiquette books, specifically ones made before 1960. You probably didn’t know that.)


Okay. My dog is having a heart attack over this storm business. Here’s our storm faces, taken from before the storm. See you tomorrow! Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Comments. I get them.

  1. OK, I had no idea that you collected old ettiquette books. That is so… esoteric, and cool. I would totally dig a post (and a scan) of one of those babies. See how far society has fallen in terms of ettiquette.

    My deal with comments is two-sided, I think. I love getting comments, any kind, good or bad (I love a good fight!) but I base the value of my blog on the number of comments I get. Luckily, I have some dedicated friendos, who often comment, and that makes me feel loved. I would like to not care aboutt he amount of comments I get, but I’m only human.

    So glad to read you posts lately. I was wondering about you likfe for a while there.


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