I take tea at three.

Holy shit. It’s August. One step closer to snow. Not happy. Also one step closer to me turning 30 (In two years and some change, but still) which is weiiiiird.

Also time for a new month of NoBloPoMo on BlogHer, which I generally detest. This month’s theme is “hot” and the prompts are all about what you’d expect from BlogHer: somewhat sexist, not too interesting, and/or kind of ridiculous.

That’s why I love it.


Do you like hot drinks such as coffee and tea?

I take my tea very seriously. I used to take my coffee very seriously, but not as much anymore. Not to say I have any tolerance for bad coffee, though. Like, I cannot make myself drink “The World’s Finest Coffee” at work, no matter if I try it black or light (and I mean light) and sweet. Just can’t do it. I used to AeroPress a thermos full of coffee every morning before work, but now I’m more apt to swing through McDonald’s or Sheetz. McDonald’s coffee is absolutely fantastic. Seriously. More people need to know this. Sheetz house blend is a close second.

Anyway. Tea. I’m really into tea these days. I have been for awhile. I blame it on my English heritage. I also blame my English heritage on my crooked-ass teeth. I spent almost my entire bonus check on tea in the winter. I blame Teavana (I KNOW. Stop yelling at me) for this. I still have tons of less-than-an-ounce bags of random tea scattered around my tea cupboard, along with my PG Tips (breakfast!), Irish Breakfast (second breakfast!), English Afternoon (elevensies! lunch!), a smattering of various blacks, herbals, greens, and whites (tea! supper! dinner!*), and, the saddest tea of them all, Prince of Wales. Seriously disgusting, but I can’t get rid of it. If you want to come over and have some tea/take your pick out of my cupboard, you are more than welcome.

Cheers, blog.
Cheers, blog.***

I think there’s a special place reserved in Hell** for people who leave the bag in their tea the entire time they drink it. Seriously. The most generic black tea bags? 3 minutes. Up to 5  minutes, if you’re into that kind of thing. That’s it. Discard. Use the down time to take a break at work/think of what you’re getting me for my birthday. This may rattle some other tea snobs, but if you’re putting sweetener in, put it in the cup before you pour the water. No stirring required and it all melts instead of sinking to the bottom. You’re welcome.

I’m not much for Earl Grey. I should probably just get that out there and let you judge me, blog. I have to be really, really in the mood, that happens quite infrequently. I used to like it in the morning in college if I was drinking the night before (Sorry, Christian college) but that wasn’t too frequently.

If you’re looking to get into tea and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend Steepster. It’s basically Facebook for tea. You can find reviews and discussions on just about anything. A secondary start is to go to your local tea room or, hell, your local Teavana. As much flack as they get for being the Starbucks of tea, the employees are really helpful in finding you something you’ll like.

Man. Maybe I need to start a tea blog. I could talk about this all day. Good topic, prompter. I’ve already rolled my eyes at next week’s prompts, though. You should have consulted me.

*That’s my only real LotR reference. I’ve seen all of the movies (Except The Hobbit), but the only parts that interested me where in the Shire. I would absolutely watch a Merry and Pippin reality show.)
**I don’t believe in Hell, so you’re probably safe. Except from me if I happen to see you do this.
***That picture is from almost two years ago and my hair looks like it could have been taken today. I’ve had like 10 colors and lengths since then. Curiouser.

5 thoughts on “I take tea at three.

  1. Love the LotR reference! I use it in normal conversations sometimes and you get generally one of two reactions:
    “ha ha” and then you know that they are just as big of a nerd as you are

  2. I’m not a tea person. I’ve only tried it a couple of times, but it all tastes the same to me. Judging from your post though, maybe I just don’t know enough about it? I don’t know, it all seems way more complicated to bother with.

    1. My everyday tea is just whatever black tea (usually English or Irish breakfast, plain ol’ Lipton if I’m at work) with two splenda. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes (sometimes more if I get sidetracked) and about a teaspoon of half and half. Highly, highly recommended!

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