How is it September?

Hey, blog.

It’s September and I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day. I also had my very first (and only) pumpkin spice latte of the season. It’s only acceptable once. After that, black coffee, Starbucks Doubleshot, or go home. And I’m off until Wednesday, so I spent most of my day napping and rewatching Breaking Bad. This season is killing me. Can we have a support group for the finale?

I applied for grad school this week, which is completely terrifying to me. I’ve wanted to be a teacher my entire life, so I figured why not go get certified for it? What’s another $16k in loans on top of $60 trillion? I’m nervous about what this will do to my current job, though. Like, eventually I’ll have to student teach and do observation and all that, and I work during school hours. I can’t afford to lose my insurance. Cannot. Or, you know, money. My monthly bills are currently something like 92% of my take-home pay. Also scared that I’m not as good with teenagers as I think I am. But I got way too excited explaining passive voice vs. active voice to my 17-year-old cousin the other day, so maybe that’s a sign. I have a meeting with the dean of the department on Wednesday because my GPA was awful my senior year and tanked my overall GPA. I think it’ll probably be okay, though.

And a new month means a new NaBloPoMo list. These ones are slightly better than the kinda-sexist August list, but nothing I’m super excited about. There is one later in the month about would I ever join the military, so I may end up with a long ranty post about that that’ll probably cost me a couple readers, but I probably won’t even remember to do it.

September 1st:  Do you enjoy doing volunteer work? Is there anywhere you volunteer right now?

I do enjoy doing volunteer work! I helped start a service learning group at my college my freshman year, and I’m pretty damn proud of the work we did with the homeless community in Athens, among other things. Currently, I don’t really volunteer anywhere. My mother is an activities director at a nursing home about a mile from where I work, so sometimes I help out there. Usually only when she’s working late and we’re going to get something for dinner, because I’ll do anything for free Chipotle. But I do love elderly people. The last thing I did (I think) was help a bunch of ladies make little butterflies on clips to wear or clip on their curtains or wherever. They were cute. The butterflies, but the old ladies, too. I also bake stuff for church once in awhile, but I don’t count that. I just really like feeding people delicious things.

Okay. 10 minutes until Breaking Bad and I need to find an appropriate snack.

Here's Jared doing a jig because I love you.
Here’s Jared doing a jig because I love you.



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