First-world blog problems.

I somehow managed to break my blog today. I managed to switch the layout to something absolutely awful and lose all of my customizations. I’m also cranky at everything right now, but coffee is helping because I’ve become the one thing I never wanted to be, and that is a real-life Cathy. Ack.

Do people still say GPOY? Is that still relevant? ‘Cause, you know, GPOY:

Now I’m just apathetic. I did lose all of my banners and buttons and blogroll, so I’m slowly in the process of redoing everything. That PicMonkey account I bought forever ago is coming in handy today, so that’s a good thing. My 11-year-old cousin has been sitting here staring over my shoulder going, “Is that your blog? Where’s it at? How do I get there? Why do you blog? Blogs are boring. This is boring. This is stupid. Are you still on your blog? Why are you still on your blog?” for the past, like, hour. I can feel my ovaries shriveling.

My halloween costume is spectacular this year. Way better than the Bobby Singer monstrosity. And I finished Harry Potter and ugly-cried for the last couple of chapters. Also yesterday was my first day in two weeks without a completely crippling panic attack! The last time I had a bad anxiety flare up (for lack of a better term, I guess) was in college. Like, I spent all day Wednesday lying in bed (reading Harry Potter, which is probably why I cried so much) and thinking I should probably make sure my Facebook has a profile picture I wouldn’t mind being up for all eternity. I’m going to the doctor sometime this week to get my medicine refilled. I’m not about to deal with this for another week.

Okay, that’s enough.






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