10k race, possible vegetarianism, and more!

Hello, my little sweet potato casseroles. How was your month? This might be the longest I’ve went without blogging since the inception of this project. I think I say that every time I almost skip an entire month, actually.

What’s going on with me, you ask? Well, I joined the The Fat Girls Guide to Running 10k challenge thing. While I disagree with a lot of her nutritional rules, I’m pretty excited for this. It starts Monday. Of course, I managed to cut the top of my foot pretty badly on Thanksgiving night, so putting on shoes is going to be a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure no one will ever love me because my right foot is basically a giant scar. Anyway, I’m supposed to be running a 10k in 10 weeks, but since there’s a good chance we’ll be under x feet of snow then, there are no 10ks near me until April. Mostly I’m just excited to get back to Zombies, Run! and Abel Township. I miss Sam.

Monday starts deer hunting season (rifle season or something? I don’t know.) in PA, and I’m having a hard time justifying being so vehemently anti-hunting, but still being an omnivore. This could be my 8-hour vegan-documentaries-on-Netflix binge the other night talking, though. Did you know they kill pigs with nail guns to the head? I can’t get that image out of my head. I just had what may be my very last Chipotle chicken burrito bowl. May be, because, like every other time I’ve had these thoughts, I made it like two days before desperately needing to eat some chicken nuggets. Also, I hate beans.

So, here’s to a healthier December, I guess. The thing I’m most looking forward to is making a playlist for running. My old one is basically one Eminem song on a 30-minute loop. I’m open to any and all suggestions, because I don’t know what I’m doing.

This is called for again.
This is called for again.

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