Whole 30, Day 1.

So, I did it. I made it the first day of this whole crazy thing and I only somewhat want to throw myself face-first into a giant calzone. I have 29 days left of this, and I’m already ready to scream if I see another egg. Ugh. I honestly can’t think of one thing Whole 30-friendly that I want to eat tomorrow, so that’s cool. And all of my nuts and nut butters I bought have peanut oil in them, which I apparently didn’t notice when I bought them, AND I only have like $30 left until pay day, so going to buy more groceries isn’t something I can do right now.


Enough complaining. I never felt hungry once today, and I found out that the frozen pineapple I bought is the best thing to put in my Nalgene. And I ate more vegetables today than I have in months. I just need to get more creative so I don’t burn out on this within 48 hours.

This isn’t the greatest update in the world. I’m still processing my thoughts on the whole thing, and hyperventilating over the potential snow storm that’s going to hit us tonight and I’ll have to drive in it.  And watching Good Burger. God, I love Good Burger. See you soon, blog.

One thought on “Whole 30, Day 1.

  1. Stopped by to see how it was going. I’m curious about the whole concept, but I think I’m too lazy and set in my ways to make such a dramatic change. Seems easier to attempt it vicariously through you. Go team.

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