How to restart a blog you abandoned.

Hey, blog.

It’s been a minute, huh? Yikes. I missed you. I had a bit of a breaking point that made me want to start blogging again, but I’ll get to that later. Let’s talk about what I’ve been doing since June.

  • I did go to that CrossFit class. I went to three, actually. I didn’t die, obvs, but I wanted to. But in a good way. I’m just too poor to actually go to them for realsies.
  • I started grad school! I’m working on a Master of Professional Writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. I’m in the second week of my second term and I love it.
  • Still hanging out with chickens. They’re grown-ass women now, laying eggs and everything. They grow up so quick.
  • I’m back in bariatric surgery mode. I know, I know. I just think this is the best thing for me. I’m tired of feeling like shit. Surgery should be sometime this spring.
  • That’s…really it. Damn. My life is boring.

So, the breaking point. I joined a biggest loser challenge thing at the gym where I took the CrossFit classes. I had to get weighed in today and I was over the measurable limit on the scale. I almost cried. About my weight. For the first time since high school. Not even cool. I have to lose about 30 pounds for surgery, which is 10% of where I’m at now. This is doable. I met one of my teammates and our coach tonight and we did a little circuit workout, which was great. I’ve been doing whatever workout videos I find online/in random drawers in my bedroom, so it was nice to actually have some social interaction while my glasses are sweat-sliding down my face.

I guess it’s back to the C’mon, Fatso of 2010, then, huh? Good to see you again.

Still the truth.
Still the truth.

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