Is this thing on?

I’ve had this note on my whiteboard for the past three months that just says “blog.” I guess it’s time to do something about that, so here I am.

I always say I want to write more regularly, but I can’t ever make myself do it, especially now that school is over. Here’s the thing, though.

I finally have a surgery date.

I’ll be having gastric bypass on July 6th.


I’m also going on vacation for the first time in forever the week of June 21st. I have to have two weeks of a semi-liquid diet, meaning 3-4 protein shakes instead of breakfast and lunch, then a small dinner. Guess when this starts! June 22nd! Yay! This is going to be the best vacation. I’ve been having food funerals for like three weeks now. I think I’ve gained like 20 pounds, but it’s been a delicious 20 pounds.

So, yeah. I’m going to write about this whole thing. I am. I swear. I’m gonna do it.

In other news, I became a Jamberry independent consultant a few months ago. I know, right? That doesn’t sound like my thing at all. I’m surprised, too! It’s totally my thing now. Over the past two months, I’ve made almost as much with Jamberry as I have with my regular job. It’s pretty crazy. Want a free sample? You do. I know you do. Click here and let me know.

That’s really all I’ve got for now. I just wanted to feel less stressed about the note on my whiteboard, tbh. I love you all very much. Have a good night. Make good choices. I’ll see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. Hello! Let me start by saying I never reach out and post comments to people I’ve never met, but I feel I must in this case. I found your blog by googling the phrase “am I the only person that hates bacon?” Have you written any books? I really enjoy your writing style and I can definitely relate to what you have to say! Best of luck with the semi-liquid diet (ugh, sounds horrible!) and the surgery!

    1. Aw, thank you! That’s super sweet! I’m actually working on an e-book that should (hopefully) be out in early September! I’ll keep you posted 😀

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