Preop Diet Day 1.

Two weeks from now, my guts will have been rearranged and I’ll probably be miserable. Yikes. Today, though, is my first day on the gastric bypass pre-op diet, which is 3-4 protein shakes and a small dinner (think one chicken breast and a side of veggeis) for the next two weeks. I’m not mad about it yet. I’m sure I’ll be mad about it by tomorrow. Food has been my best friend since I was, like, 5. I’m still working through The Beck Diet Solution, which is not so much about dieting as it is using cognitive therapy to work on your relationship with food. I started reading it a few months ago when I had my psychological evaluation for surgery and the therapist I saw recommended it, but I kind of forgot about it until recently. It’s been helpful, though.

My life rn.
My life rn.

I’ve been applying for so many jobs for after surgery. No calls back yet. I still haven’t received my first unemployment payment yet and it’s been well over a month since I filed. Being poor is terrible. I have -$80 in my checking account because I was like $10 short on my Geico automatic payment and got overdrafted to death. And I just remembered my car payment is due today. Ugh. I should probably put on pants and go to the bank and deposit the last of my cash. I just typed “the last of my pants.” I have lots of pants. If Honda would take pants as payment, I’d be all set. Five more payments to go and the CARDIS is all mine!

If you want to help my poor ass be less poor, you can buy some Jamberry from me. Or maybe some of my cross stitch stuff. It’s seriously my life right now.

Okay. Pants. Bank. 2-3 more protein shakes before I can chew something. I’ve got this.


One thought on “Preop Diet Day 1.

  1. You go girl! It’s also interesting to think about the food as a friend…that’s probably true for me more than I have realized in the past. Word. I lost the game.

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