Preop Diet Day 7

One week down, one week to go.

If you can’t handle poop talk, it’s best to click away now. I suggest Free Code Camp. Or InternetIsBeautiful.



mydehydrationTo review, my pre-op diet is 3-4 high protein shakes a day, plus a small dinner that includes protein and veggies. And all the water I can handle between all of that. I’ve only hit 3 protein shakes one day that I can think of. Four shakes seems out of control. Especially considering that all of these protein shakes make me shit forever. According to everyone I’ve asked in the various weight-loss surgery groups I’m in on Facebook, this is normal. This shouldn’t be normal. This is torture. I’m, like, afraid to leave my house. Speaking of.

I had my sleep study on Friday night. I think I would have rather have been home pooping. I mean, the people there were nice and the bed was comfy, but how do they expect anyone to sleep with all that stuff attached everywhere? Also no one warned me there would be BIG GLOPS OF GLUE in my hair. I have my second sleep study this Friday and I’m seriously considering shaving my head before then. They woke me up and sent me on my way at 4:15 in the morning, so I got to drive in the dark while still half asleep, then had to almost break into my house because the door was locked and everyone was asleep and I forgot I had a key, THEN wash my hair like 34 times to get it all out. And then I passed out and slept until noon. It was pretty eventful. Super excited to do it all over again!

I also had my preop blood work, chest x-ray, and anesthesia consultation on Friday before my sleep study. Pretty sure they took all of my blood. It was kind of stressful. I think I might be dehydrated (see image above) because I almost passed out when I was watching them take my blood. I usually love that. I think it’s fascinating. Not this time. Nope. Also could not pee in a cup no matter how much water they gave me. It was fun. You guys are learning so much about me today.

I can’t believe I’m having this surgery in a week. This is nuts. I just want to get it over with at this point, but I’m sure I’ll be freaking out by the end of the week. As much as I hate this semi-liquid diet, I’m kind of glad I’m on it now so I’m sorta used to doing it for a few weeks after surgery. I really just want an Asiago cheese bagel from Einstein Bros. right now, though. homerdrooling.gif

Bye, blog.


One thought on “Preop Diet Day 7

  1. Good luck to you! My surgery is in 17 days.. and I’m 3 days from starting my pre-op diet. My pre-op doesn’t include shakes.. I just can’t have more than 20g of ANY carbs per day. Hello meat, my dear friend.

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