Surgery Update

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Ugh. So. I should have had my surgery a week ago, but here I am with my digestive system still in the same configuration it’s always been.

Friday before surgery, I got a call from my surgeon’s office saying they forgot to send in my information to my new insurance company, but they’ll send it in first thing on Monday and we’ll go from there. There was an opening for surgery tomorrow, so no big. Then I get a call Wednesday. My new insurance said absolutely not because even though I lost 25 pounds in the past month, I was still .2lb more than when I started this whole thing. If I want to, I can lose another 10 this month and they’ll consider it, but I’ll probably have to go through the whole six months of bullshit again.

Yeah, not happening. I’ve put off applying for jobs for over a month since I was waiting for this surgery. I don’t have time for this. Plus, so much bad shit has happened since I started trying to have this surgery three years ago that I’m taking this as a big sign that I shouldn’t have it done right now.

I did have a little bit of a pissed-off eating binge, but I got everything back under control. My very fabulous friend Robin (who just went through WLS herself) told me I have 48 hours and then I have to get myself together. So I did. And here I am.

I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy over the past week. Being poor is the worst. I’ve sold a couple of cross stitch things, at least, and my Jamberry business is still going strong, but I really do need regular employment. Praying to Norma something good happens soon.

And all Norma's people said...
And all Norma’s people said…

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