5 months post-op update!

Hey, old blog.

I had gastric bypass September 26th. I talk about it mostly on my Instagram, but I just remembered this page is still up, so here’s an update.

Surgery was September 26th, 2016. My highest weight was 382, my last weight at the surgeon’s office was 372, and my weight on surgery day was 362. Pants were size 32. Today I weigh 279, pants are 20. I’ve had one complication, which is a

I’ve had one complication, which is a stricture/ulcer combo at the spot of where they attached my intestine to my new stomach-pouch. Basically, my body is like, “Hey, there’s a hole in your stomach! WE ARE GONNA FIX THAT SO HARD,” even though it doesn’t need to be fixed. I was throwing up every time I ate for over three months, thinking it was a normal part of the process. Nope. My food just had nowhere to go. I’ve had two endoscopies to fix it so far, and the last one was SUPER fun.

Last Monday, I went into the hospital the night before for insurance reasons, and I was very dehydrated, so they very hydrated me. Like, way-too-much hydrated me. The next morning, while I was having the scope, my heart went crazy, I woke up to people panicking, so I had a major panic attack and ended up on the cardiac floor of the hospital for a day and a half. According to my doctor, all of my tests were 10000000% normal and perfect, except my electrolytes were next to nothing the morning of the procedure from all of the fluids I got. It was a really fun week.

The other complication? Trying to figure out this whole self-love, body-positivity thing again. I was hung up on what the HAES community would think about my surgery for so long. I made so many great friends through this blog (and Instagram!) in the body-positive world, but do I really want to be friends with people who would be mad about me taking my health into my own hands? Nope.

Anyway. Here’s a progress picture. Left, ~380. Right, 285. I already miss that bikini.


I’ve decided to be an advocate for weight loss surgery because it’s so looked down on in the weight loss/health/HAES communities. I’ve been chronicling the ups and downs I’ve been going through on Instagram, and I wrote a thing about surgery for Greatist! It got picked up by a couple of other sites, who changed the picture on it because mine wasn’t enough of a drastic change, I guess.

So, yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to lately, old blog. Byeeeeeeeee.


2 thoughts on “5 months post-op update!

  1. Hey there! Just ended up at Your blog today and been reading old posts and came to this most recent one. Love Your writing style and its been a pleasure;)) Good for You for getting healthy, You look super! Hope You’re doing good, feeling good and wishing You all the very best! Girl-who-was-308-and-is-now-270-and-is-aiming-to-loose-quite-a-bit-still-ahahaha;)

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